Рингтон Lil Baby — The Bigger Picture

рингтон Lil Baby - The Bigger Picture

Трек американского рэпера Lil BabyThe Bigger Picture.

«Trade my 4×4 for a G63, ain’t no more free Lil Steve
I gave ’em chance and chance and chance again, I even done told them please
I find it crazy the police’ll shoot you and know that you dead, but still tell you to freeze
Fucked up, I seen what I seen
I guess that mean hold him down if he say he can’t breathe
It’s too many mothers that’s grieving
They killing us for no reason
Been going on for too long to get even
Throw us in cages like dogs and hyenas
I went to court and they sent me to prison
My mama was crushed when they said I can’t leave
First I was drunk, then I sobered up quick
When I heard all that time that they gave to Taleeb
He got a life sentence plus»

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